LHD group S.p.A. Industry & Applications

LHD S.p.A. is a worldwide operating company specialized in Telescopic Forks and other Load Handling Devices or systems.

LHD S.p.A. develops, manufactures and markets these load handling solutions, which can range from products for standard applications (pallet handling), to custom solutions for different industrial applications (coils, long products, automotive, cold storage, food and beverage, wood, textile, machine tools, miniload, transfer stations)

LHD S.p.A. Develops Customized Load Handling Devices/Telescopic Forks

In close collaboration with our customers LHD S.p.A. develops concept solutions for specific high level applications. These concepts are subsequently translated into concrete products, integrating 3D design software and calculation, mechanical engineering and mechanical constructions. These range from relatively simple to complex systems, depending on the demands and specifications given by the customer.

LHD S.p.A. is a first tier development and production partner. LHD S.p.A. is strongly driven by technological innovation. This leads to state of the art design solutions which are beneficial for our customers.

LHD S.p.A. strives to be one of the most flexible load handling devices supplier in the industry with an ability to manage rapid design changes, schedule adjustments and inventory management programs to achieve best-in-class cost and capacity management.

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Our company team has over 30 years of experience in the construction field of telescopic forks

LHD Group S.p.A. Telescopic Forks and Load Handling Devices


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