LHD Group After-Sales Services

24/7 LHD Customer Care
Support and advice

From the initial stages of conception and throughout the life of the gripping device.
The experience of our team is made available to the customer right from the problem identification and solution definition phase.
Subsequently, customer support is always present thanks to an efficient after-sales assistance team which guarantees the maintenance of the gripping devices, telephone assistance and on-site interventions.

Tailored support and assistance according to needs.

The pick-up devices are significant investments for the operation of the company system. For this reason, LHD has developed an organization and a structured Customer Care program based on real after-sales needs. Our team provides support through on-site assistance and telephone. Thanks to an internal management system, it keeps track of the “historical” of the device, from which it is possible to generate scheduled and/or extraordinary maintenance plans.

Preventive, corrective and updating activities.

Effective maintenance is critical to the performance and integrity of grippers.
LHD Group offers services to constantly ensure the correct functioning of partly completed machinery and safe working conditions.

Scheduled maintenance:

  • Visit and intervention plan to maintain the integrity and performance of the gripping devices.

Special maintenance:

  • On-site interventions to restore the correct operation of the gripping devices.
Predefined kits for an emergency response.

To optimize Customer Care operations, LHD Group offers a supply service of spare parts kits already identified in the design phase to restore the operation of the gripping devices quickly and easily in the most common cases of stoppage.
The Customer Care packages include the possibility of keeping the specific components for your system always available at our headquarter (if standard details) or directly at the customer.

Commercial and standard details.

Customer Care has developed a registration system for purchasing spare parts (standard and commercial) online.

Our know-how to improve efficiency and reliability.

Our expertise available to the customer to carry out the retrofitting/revamping of gripping devices, technological modernization, designing and intervening on the mechanical part regardless of its origin.

Help-desk service for phone support.

Our Team is at your disposal to support you by telephone and respond quickly to your requests.

Together with the spare parts kit, with this service you get a full continuous operation of the gripping devices.

In case of need for assistance click here.


Maximum efficiency in coordinating all the assembly phases.

During installation, LHD Group coordinates responsibly all the assembly phases. In parallel with the assembly phase, the LHD Group team proceeds with the training of company staff, to allow the customer to be autonomous from the outset in using the gripping device.

Training on gripping devices.

LHD  Group organizes training courses aimed at end users and maintenance technicians both on site and at client companies, so that operators act with maximum efficiency in compliance with safety provisions.
Adequate knowledge of the gripping device will allow them to fully exploit its potential and be proactive over time in identifying improvement actions.
Training programs are tailored to specific customer needs and include the following topics:

  • Device maintenance
  • Device inspection mode
  • Safety