About LHD

Giuliano Rivoir - CEO LHD Group

CEO Message

“Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting our company homepage of LHD Group – Load Handling Devices Manufacturing Company which has been manufacturing and supplying various types of handling equipment such as telescopic forks, lift units, lifting tables and other handling equipment for automation industry. Our company operates a highly efficient product-supply system powered by one of the most advanced production lines, perfect quality control and a zero-tolerance policy.

LHD strives to manufacture products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, to provide quick and good After-Sales services and to timely deliver supply parts. By projecting customers’ needs and market requirements into LHD product development, production and sales policies, the company today is one of the world’s top brands. All our employees and executives will do their utmost best to ensure our products and service improve even further.

Intense sales activities are being carried out by a global network of distributors in many countries all over the world. Established in Italy, Spain, Romania, South Korea, USA, India and China, recently the brand value and awareness of LHD has strongly spread out to emerging markets such as Thailand, Central and South America, Russia, The Middle East and Africa.

We sincerely appreciate our customers. They have been closely following the growth of our brand with affection and interest. We promise to repay their dedication with excellence in products and service. Our ambition is to help you make your business even more prosperous.”

Our Mission


 Everything we do is inspired by our mission, values, and vision. We have built both business and personal relationships on trust. We believe that our business partners, employees and suppliers will fulfill their respective duties, and these trusting relationships will grown along with our company over time.

Our EXPERIENCE has led us to focus on developing, creating and innovating Load Handling Devices.

We aspire to became a “Global leader” and handle with experience into a brilliant future.

We are also committed to deliver satisfaction to our customers, more rewarding careers for our employees, and greater value and POWER to our clients.

We have passion, experience, a positive thinking and we are not afraid to accept the challenges that others believe to be impossible.

KEY to Success

Our company team has over 40 years of experience in the construction field of telescopic forks


We have an established ability to understand our customers and connect with them at emotional level. Valuable products are born from groups that are founded on those strong connections of human minds

Fast Service

Contact our service department and we provide our best and fastest solutions.

Worldwide Customer Support

Contact our service department and we provide our best and fastest solutions.