Press Release 03.05.2015 – Taicang LHD Co. Ltd

LHD is pleased to announce the May 3, 2015 that it has started a new production facility in China.

LHD considers China as one of the fastest growing regions for the production of telescopic forks and load handling devices. The new production facility is based in Taicang, a city located 40 km North of Shanghai. With this central location, LHD can benefit from the rapid growth of the region.

Together with Italy, China is the second country in which LHD develops and manufactures its products.  Besides these production facilities, LHD has also representative sales offices in the Shenzen, Beijing and Hong Kong and considers other locations in China to install other sales office units.

Quality has always been utmost important for LHD.  Therefore, LHD has been working on this project for many months to ensure the best training for its new staff and that the finest quality process is in place before the production of the first spokes.

All orders will be handled from Taicang LHD ldt and products can be shipped directly to regional customers.

Taicang LHD Co. Ltd, is completing this month the first order of 28 ATENA forks for an important Asian Customer and is preparing the acquisition of several large orders from Customers in China.


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