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Single Depth Telescopic Forks

Single Depth LHD spa Telescopic Forks Load Handling Devices

Originally, telescopic forks were only available in their single depth version, being developed this way for several years; at a later stage, the passage of time saw the appearance of double and triple depth versions. Single depth forks present more limited strokes, compared to the bigger sisters, on the other hand, performances such as load capacity, speed and acceleration are better on single depth forks than on double and triple depth ones.

Double and Triple Depth Telescopic Forks

Double Depth LHD spa Telescopic Forks Load Handling Devices

These families of telescopic forks are expressly designed for the handling of goods and for logistics in automated warehouses. Their peculiarity is to be able to manage the stocking of goods both in single and in double depth (and, for the Crono class, in triple depth as well). Double depth forks can be provide with one or two motors; the single-engined versions are cheaper, but they’re suitable for rather little warehouses with limited work paces, and they’ve been recently supplanted by their twin-motors sisters, the latters being more versatile and useful in high-capacity warehouses with high work paces – although they’re understandably more expensive.

Combined and Special Load Handling Devices

Specials LHD spa Telescopic Forks Load Handling Devices

Combined products includes: the Lifters, with gears or chain transmission (to lift the load unit in case the shuttle provides no lift movement), the Conveyor Belt Systems (with single or double depth), the Pusher/Pullers (in case the unit load needs no lift movement), the Three-Sided Systems (to take away and lay down pallets with a tilt range of 180°), the Finger (to handle metal or plastic boxes), the Crab (to handle cardboard boxes in single depth) and the Spider (to handle cardboard boxes in double depth).