LHD Group Timeline


With over 40 years of experience, LHD Group operates WORLDWIDE and is placed among the top international companies in the sector of
Telescopic Forks and Load Handling Devices.



    This beech wood fork is the ancestor of the simple depth telescopic fork. It was used in the factories where bags of crushed or powder talcum needed to be moved.
    A blade wheel powered by water provided the left-to-right movement.

  • 1952


    Giovanni “Jean” Ribetto, a SKF designer, founds SCOT (Società COstruzioni Tecniche), a mechanical company specialized in supplying for automotive sector. SCOT grows very quickly and becomes one of the leading companies among FIAT’s satellite activities.
    In a few years’ time, SCOT moves from a wooden shack to a 5.000 m2 facility.

  • 1968


    SCOT starts massive production of telescopic forks for FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and so on.
    The Engineering Department begins to design increasingly elaborated telescopic forks for different kind of loads.

  • 1978


    The first SCOT telescopic forks cross the ocean and start to move Ford’s carbodies of in Brazil.
    The company increasingly proves to be a manufacturer of telescopic forks exclusively, thus relinquishing any other low-earning production.

  • 1982


    in Rome, Giovanni Ribetto is awarded Man of the Year for the sector of Industrial Handling.
    After many years of activity, SCOT keeps getting stronger, and its telescopic forks become famous worldwide.

  • 1989


    SCOT produces one of the biggest telescopic forks ever made worldwide: a monofork with a load capacity of 17,5 tonnes. This product is tested in Italy, and subsequently installed in the large Russian steel plant in Magnitogorsk, along the Ural river.
    This fork is considered as a compound miracle of calculation and robustness. It’s still operating nowadays.

  • 1996


    The first catalogue completely dedicated to telescopic forks – both single and double depth – is created.
    SCOT telescopic forks enter into GM in USA, but also into Daimler in Germany, Ferrari in Italy, Renault in France, Nissan in Japan.
    The telescopic forks also begin to be used on a large scale in warehouses.

  • 1999


    SCOT produces Volkswagen Group’s spare parts warehouse. So far, it’s the largest automatic warehouse ever made in Europe.
    It also produces many warehouses in Italy, enlarging its already wide range of products: SCOT becomes the largest manufacturing company in Italy, making it into the world’s Top 3.

  • 2011


    The company SCOT is absorbed by AlarLHD. Alar, a long-time supplier of SCOT, invests heavily in the development and modernization of its equipment.
    The Marco Polo Project for the improvement of the Chinese market is started.
    Due to an intermediate position between the time zones between Europe and Asia, LHD Engineering is opened in Romania, a purely technical and design R&D studio with the best mechanical designers graduated from the Polytechnic of Cluj Napoca, whose partnership has ensured us to hire its best students.

  • 2014


    AlarLHD changes its name into LHD (Load Handling Devices).
    The evolution of the Marco Polo project started in 2011 converges with the foundation of an office in Chinese territory, LHD Taicang, to be in direct contact with the first important customers in China.

  • 2015


    LHD becomes an S.p.A. (joint-stock company) at the beginning of the year.
    Shortly afterwards, the Dutch chemical industry giant SABIC relies on LHD S.p.A. for the production of 5 huge tilting machines. These machines are designed and produced in Turin, Italy, and subsequently assembled and installed in the large SABIC facility in Bergen op Zoom.

  • 2017


    Due to the growing demand for our products at an international level and the evolution of India, which is increasingly in need of our automation, a new office is opened in New Delhi, LHD Logistics, to enter directly and better into this emerging market.

  • 2018


    Following the constant growth of the Chinese market, to speed up production and eliminate delivery timing problems related to transport and customs, LHD Machining, a mechanical manufacturing company, was also opened in China.

  • 2020


    With requests for our products in more and more markets and in order to be able to establish direct relationships with our customers by also offering them on-site after-sales assistance, offices were opened in the USA, LHD USA and in Seoul, South Korea, LHD Automation.

  • 2021/2022


    An exponential growth of the Chinese market leads to new investments with new and larger offices and new and more technological machinery for LHD Taicang and LHD Machining.

  • 2023


    Although in competition with many other European companies, due to the increasingly numerous requests for our products, we are investing in a new facility in Italy.

  • 2024


    During the year, two projects started in 2023 will be completed:

    – the new LHD Automation production site in South Korea in the first months of the year;
    – the new headquarters in Jiangsu, China, which, with more than 16,000 square meters, will make LHD Group the largest telescopic fork producer in the World.