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ARACHNE X10 – Load up to 100 Kg (220Lb) ARACHNE X10 is a carton loader of the latest generation. Like every ARACHNE product from LHD SpA, ARACHNE X10 was developed especially for handling carton or plastic boxes. This newly designed solution can handle up to 4 boxes by means of small pivoting fingers, with a total load-carrying capacity of up to 100 kg (max. 25 Kg per box). Unlike, other devices from our Arachne series, the main feature of ARACHNE X10 is the ability to handle carton or plastic boxes of different widths, but of the same depth, simultaneously (eg. 600 x 400/300×400). We recommend consulting our technical department to make an informed choice regarding the dimensions and technical details of ARACHNE X10 All LHD Group’s telescopic forks undergo accurate run tests and quality checks before delivery.


Carton Loader – Load up to 100 kg (220 Lb)

Standard length: from 1550 mm to 2015 mm
Maximum stroke: from 1605 mm to 2070 mm
Maximum payload: 4×25 kg (4 x 55 Lb)
Acceleration without load: up to 1 [m/s2]
Speed without load: up to 45 [m/min]