Load up to 100 Kg

The ARACHNE X6B is LHD patent pending solution and doesn’t need cable carrier to drive fingers. For this reason, its dimension is the smallest on the market, just 180×50 mm. Like ARACHNE X6 can carry out the handling of two plastic boxes (or carton) about as big as 600×400 mm with 100 Kg weight, in simple or in double depth, or 2 of these boxes in single depth. On board is possible, single belt, double belts, sheet flat, single rolls conveyor, width adjustment, automatic bridge to avoid gap between shelf and system.



ARACHNE X6B Telescopic forks
Carton Loader – up to 100 kg

  • Standard length: from 1200 mm to 1550 mm
  • Maximum stroke: from 1300 mm to 1650 mm
  • Maximum payload: 100 kg
  • Acceleration without load: up to 1 [m/s2]
  • Speed without load: up to 45 [m/min]

ARACHNE X6B can be supplied with the following options:

  • single belt
  • double belt
  • sheet flat
  • single rolls conveyor
  • width adjustment
  • automatic bridge
  • Miniload
  • Handling carton and plastic boxes