Triple depth solution, 50+50+50 Kg.

Can carry out three plastic boxes (or carton) from 200×300 to 600×400 mm with 50 Kg weight each one. In the picking phase, two telescopic arms reach the load on the shelf and, by means of small pivoting fingers, drag it onboard the shuttle. Available optional: single belt, double belts, triple belts, sheet flat, single rolls conveyor, width adjustment, automatic bridge to avoid gap between shelf and system. Telescopic arms thickness of 70 mm.



ARACHNE X8 Telescopic forks
Carton Loader – up to 150 kg

  • Standard length: from 1800 mm to 2600 mm
  • Maximum stroke: from 1900 mm to 2700 mm
  • Maximum payload: 150 kg
  • Acceleration without load: up to 1 [m/s2]
  • Speed without load: up to 45 [m/min]

ARACHNE X8 can be supplied with the following options:

  • single/double/triple belt
  • sheet flat
  • single rolls conveyor
  • width adjustment
  • automatic bridge
  • Miniload
  • Handling carton and plastic boxes