Load up to 2500 Kg

The CERBERUS Stinger with central pipe is similar solution as CERBERUS for COILS and a carrying capacity up to 2500 Kg (3300 Lb). The rotation and translation speed can be as fast as 30 m/min. Thanks to this system, the COILS can be set down and picked up, even rotated by 180° compared to the normal position in warehouses.



Cerberus Stinger

Load up to 2500Kg

  • Standard length: from 1600 mm to 2300 mm
  • Stroke: from 1100 1800 mm
  • Load: up to 2500 kg  (3300 Lb)
  • Speed with load: 30 [m/min]
  • Acceleration with load: 0,5 [m/s2]

No combination available.

  • AGVs
  • Coils handling