Unit Transfer

LHD S.p.A. designs and builds Special Load Handling Devices.

Every Special Load Handling Device has been designed by the LHD Engineering team and assembled by the LHD Manufacturing Team.

Our Load Handling Devices are used in Automatic Warehouses, Pallet Handling and Miniload.



The MERCURY is autonomous and independent, noiseless, clean, lubrication-free and needs low maintenance; it’s possible to add shuttles or rails to extend the system in a modular way. It’s meant to be combined with ARACHNE system, or otherwise with ATLAS,…


The SISYPHUS system allows horizontal or vertical carousel-like operations. It allows to have a buffer stock of available pieces or to store pieces for production. The accumulation of carriages takes place in the lower or upper part; the SISYPHUS system…


The SPHINX is a moving carriage, designed to be installed on the vertical mast of forklift trucks, allowing them to act as a stacker crane on wheels; this way, a forklift can pick up and lay down pallets laterally in…


This system is meant to be installed on stacker cranes and shuttles, and allows a gravity unloading of the pallets thanks to its motorised roller conveyor and a tilting movement of the frame by -3° or +3°.   [vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title="Datasheet"…


Load up to 100 Kg The MEDUSA is essentially a double-depth telescopic fork (usually in a monofork arrangement) with a further moving plate that can shift along the upper slide when the forks are in centre position, allowing to change…


The HERMES, operating jointly with telescopic forks for special loads, allows the operator to cherry-pick the desired items from a multiple storage, with an on-board selection system that lifts the items to keep while the telescopic forks put back down…


Operating jointly with telescopic forks for miniload (usually monoforks), the GRYPHON can help to keep load units aligned and stable in the moving phases, especially in case of light but voluminous carton boxes, preventing misalignments on the shelves that could…


Load up to 100 Kg Designed for backing up the telescopic forks, the lateral belt conveyor allows moving the loads onboard simultaneously. The fork set can pick up the load from the shelf, and then the PHOEBUS can lay it…