The recent delivery of 5 Tippers machines for plastic granulate material by LHD S.p.A. has achieved a considerable success. Installed in the futuristic and modern plant of an Arab-Dutch group located in Bergen op Zoom, in the Netherlands, this new-generation equipment was totally conceived by LHD Group; they’re able to back up a whole system for laminating Plexiglas and pure Lexan.

This international group, a worldwide leader in the production of plastics, has chosen the LHD Group not only for our telescopic forks, but also for the gravity feeding of raw materials into the silos. The tilting machines, fully designed and manufactured by LHD Spa, are able to tilt by 180° the bins, which are full of plastic granulate of various colours and weight 1.5 tons each, with outstanding precision and very high working cycles. The machines operate at a height of 9 meters and work continuously 24 hours/day.

The “Tippers”, as these machines were called, are patent-pending and are the diamond tip of the new LHD Group’s production; a production that is getting more prosperous, day after day, thanks to the culture and the passion of our design and technical staff.

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