Pallet handling systems are used in automatic storage systems or warehouses.

Pallet handling systems are used in production to transport raw material or semi-finished products on pallets, containers or in racks between production areas or machines. The process often requires buffering on conveyors or in an automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) between the production steps. Automated warehouses ASRS sytems allow to maximize the available space in existing structures and minimize storage space. Pallet racking can be configured in a variety of ways and systems, depending on the customer’s requirements and pallet load. Telescopic forks are one of the most essential component of the ASRS system.

LHD telescopic forks are specially designed to provide versatility and control for any pallet handling systems design. Fully compatible with any size pallet, the telescopic fork can be single-depth, double-depth or triple-depth to maximize capacity. We customize the telescopic forks for the application and storage requirements of each project.