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HEPHAESTUS – Load up to 800 Kg (1765 Lb) This machine can handle loads up to 800 kg with a low deflection, despite its thickness of just 55 mm. The peculiar arrangement of its gear train allows to cover the middle slide completely, making the HEPHAESTUS particularly recommended for “dirty” working environments (e.g. sand molded casting).


Single Depth – Load up to 800 Kg (1765 Lb) [per 2 forks set]

Standard length: from 1000 mm to 1500 mm
Stroke: from 1100 to 1600 mm
Load:up to 800 Kg (1765 Lb) [per 2 forks set]
Cross Section:  W x H = 130 x 145 mm
Speed without load: 45 m/min
Acceleration without load: 1 m/s^2