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KHARON – Load up to 100 Kg (220 Lb) This equipment owes its names to two cams (“fingers”) on one or two picking chains that enable the picking. The KHARON allows picking up and setting down in the automated warehouses so-called “trays”, through appropriately shaped edges on both sides of these containers. The carry capacity of the KHARON with one-chained transmission is as heavy as 100 Kg, whereas the two-chained one attains 300 Kg. It`s an efficient equipment that requires little maintenance and it`s quite easy to operate. It`s very fit for hardware warehouses and anywhere the picking is needed.


Push & Pull – Load up to 100 Kg (220 Lb)

Standard length: from 785 mm to 1385 mm Load Stroke : from 865 mm to 1465 mm
Push & Pull Stroke: from 80 to 100 mm
Load: up to 100 kg (220 Lb)
System width: 400 – 500 – 700 – 900 mm
Acceleration without load: 45 m/min
Speed unloaded: 1 m/s2


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