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GEMINI X1 – Load up to 600 Kg (1323 Lb) To ensure efficiency, a powerful, accurate, reliable and maintenance-free system is needed. For these reasons, the movement of our Lift is entirely gear-driven – With single-body chassis this powerful and silent system reach from 60 mm to 120 mm of lifting stroke. Whoever adopts this gear system gains the great advantage of a close-to-zero maintenance on board, whereas the chain-driven devices need constant adjustments. Hence, GEMINI X1 is a winning device, both from a technical and an economic point of view.


Lift – Load up to 600 Kg (1323 Lb)

Standard length: from 800 mm to 2200 mm
Standard Vertical Stroke: from 60 to 120 mm
Maximum payload: up to 600 Kg (1323 Lb)
Lifting time: 5 s