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TITAN – Load up to 1800 Kg (3969 Lb) Titan scissor lift is a patented solution and equipment the handling market has been waiting for a long time for and that finally becomes available. Lift is made by an electrical motor and can reach a vertical stroke of 1.000 mm . All of the now-existing pantograph lifts need the centre of gravity of the load to fall within its footprint. Conversely, this remarkably robust and sturdy equipment has been specifically designed to lift heavy loads whose centre of gravity is located outside the footprint of the device. With its totally electromechanical drive, TITAN is the right solution to safely lift loads that are completely cantilevered at considerable heights. It perfectly matches the telescopic forks both as dimensions and as flow rates.


Lift – Load up to 1800 Kg (3969 Lb)

Maximum vertical stroke: 1000 mm
Maximum payload: 1800 kg (3969 Lb)
Maximum lift time: 10 s