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VARIAXIS – Load up to 2000 Kg (4400 Lb) In many automated warehouses, due to productive reasons, the handling of different types of loads (and thus of different containers) may be needed. With a set of forks having fixed inter-axis, the handling of only one specific kind of loads is allowed. Instead, it`s possible to handle different kinds of loads by installing under the fork set an ADJUSTABLE INTER-AXIS SYSTEM. It`s a relatively simple system that makes the stocking operation more flexible and versatile. A motor operates a system of screws with recirculating balls and prismatic rails; it`s possible to shift only one fork, or both of them symmetrically. It`s provided as extra equipment; however, it has to be established along with LHD`s technical staff, since it`s not possible to install it at a later stage. The shift movement of adjusting the inter-axis is very quick and it`s programmed to occur in masked time. The VARIAXIS can be applied to all LHD telescopic forks, even to inclined forks designed for handling coils.


Telescopic fork with adjustable inter-axis system – Load up to 2000 Kg (4400 Lb)

Standard length: from 500 mm to 3000 mm
Distance between forks:  300 mm to 3000 mm
Load: up to 2000 Kg (4400 Lb)