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KARKINOS R – Load up to 1300 Kg (2867 Lb) This is an equipment belonging to the latest generation of LHD products. Very simple and operational as for both its mechanical arrangement and its onboard plant design, the KARKINOS is the best solution for handling plastic boxes or cartons in simple depth. The main feature of the KARKINOS lies in its speed and in the reliability of its movement. It requires poor maintenance and it’s easy to operate. With no mobile dragging “fingers”, it can handle the load in a very simple way. The KARKINOS is the perfect solution for simple pick-up warehouses.


Push & Pull – Load up to 1300 kg (2867 Lb)

Standard length: up to 2500 mm
Maximum stroke: 1450 mm
Maximum payload: 1300 kg (2867 Lb)
Acceleration without load: up to 1 [m/s2]
Speed unloaded: up to 45 [m/min]