ZEUS 182

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ZEUS 182

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ZEUS 182 – Load up to 1600 Kg (3530 Lb) The Zeus 182 is one of the leading double-depth telescopic forks of the LHD Group. This load handling device is powerful, solid and with a high-level structure. This telescopic fork has been designed to pick up and drop off heavy loads over a long distance. This mighty fork has an amazing ability to make long runs and move heavy loads still having low bending properties and very reduced yielding coefficients. It is very suitable for those spaces with a fast pace of work, but it also suits special and ambitious solutions. The paper industry, the automotive environment, the steel sector and so on are the best domains where this telescopic fork is best used and finds its best placing. For its use, we suggest asking for advice at LHD Engineering in order to have a full and exhaustive description of every technical detail and feature.



ZEUS 182
Double Depth -Load up to 1600 Kg (3530 Lb)

Standard length: from 1100 mm to 1800 mm
Stroke: from 2300 to 3300 mm
Load: up to 1600 kg (3530 lb)
Single depth cross section :  W x H = 180 x 80 mm
Single depth cross section :  W x H = 180 x 182 mm
Acceleration without load: 1 m/s2
Speed without load : 45 m/min



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