Load up to 50+50 Kg

Designed for backing up the telescopic forks, the two lateral belt conveyor allows moving the loads onboard simultaneously. The fork set can pick up the load from the shelf, and then the PHOEBUS can lay it down in the unloading bay with no further need of telescopic stroke.

The number of belts can be redoubled, thus making it even more flexible and versatile – it can also handle a double load onboard. Therefore, it’s possible to halve the operation time by handling two loads at once.
The same system can involve chains instead of belts, to handle way bigger loads with the same benefits.


Phoebus X2

Unit transfer – up to 100 Kg

  • Standard length: from 420 mm to 1220 mm
  • Maximum payload: 100 kg
  • Acceleration without load: up to 1 [m/s2]
  • Speed without load: up to 45 [m/min]


The Phoebus X2 system can be supplied with the following options and combinations

  • with chains instead of belts
  • with telescopic forks from the Ares system category
  • with telescopic forks from the Zeus system category
  • Stacker crane AS/RS
  • Miniload
  • Handling carton boxes